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IQM LEVEL 1 SEMINAR in Tokyo, Japan - date TBA

Join the Founder of IQM, Louise Mita, for a IQM Level 1 Seminar in Tokyo, Japan.

Upon completion of training of INTEGRATIVE QUANTUM MEDICINE™ LEVEL I and II, the student will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

The prerequisite to taking INTEGRATIVE QUANTUM MEDICINE™ LEVEL III is the completion of LEVEL I and II twice each.

Upon completion of INTEGRATIVE QUANTUM MEDICINE™ LEVEL III the graduate will receive documentation as a Certified Practitioner of INTEGRATIVE QUANTUM MEDICINE™.

Teacher Certification requires the Practitioner to repeat the Level III Training before qualifying for the Teacher Training. Certification in Teacher Training is on two separate Levels. The first training allows the teacher to teach IQM Level I. It is not necessary to complete the second training which authorizes the teaching of Level II. One must be Certified as an IQM Level I Teacher to be eligible to take the IQM Level II Teacher Training.

For interest in this course, contact Louise at or Kazue at

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