How can I RECEIVE an IQM session if the practitioner is located a significant distance from me?

IQM does not require physical contact or presence, and a session can be performed remotely or over the phone with often immediate results.

Are there any negative side effects or risks involved in using iqm?

No. The worst that can happen is nothing, which is rare.

How can I learn IQM for myself and my family?

You can schedule a demonstration and/or a 16 hour seminar for yourself, your family and friends or join any Level 1 IQM Seminar being offered across the country by Nani or other certified instructors (see "Partners" or contact us for more information).


Yes! Animals are very receptive to this technique and demonstrate remarkable results.


Energy healing or energetic healing are broad terms for any therapy that manipulates the energy in our physical, emotional or subtle bodies in order to restore balance and facilitate our body's innate healing mechanisms.

Who created IQM?

Louise Mita founded and teaches Integrative Quantum Medicine™.  You can learn more about her on her website,