• Monthly Conference Calls with Louise Mita and/or Certified IQM Instructors & Practitioners on the first Saturday of each month at 10am PST.  Includes an introduction to IQM and an opportunity for a mini-healing.  Call 641-715-3580 (access code: 590651#).  No registration required.
  • IQM Consultation ~ Engage in an open conversation with Nani to discover if IQM might be helpful for you or if you might be interested in learning how to heal yourself and loved ones.  Let's talk!
  • IQM Demonstration ~ Enjoy having Nani demonstrate to you & your friends how easily energy is shifted!  Includes an introduction to IQM and an opportunity for a mini-healing.  Contact me!
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IQM Sessions

IQM Sessions are personal and confidential energetic conversations for healing that usually last one hour and can be performed over the phone, in-person or remotely (you need not be present). Results are often noticed immediately.

The value of each private IQM Session is $150. 

Your investment in your health and well-being includes an initial intake assessment and an energetic realignment.  An intuitive oracle card reading is optional.


IQM Level 1 Seminars

Learn Integrative Quantum Medicine™!  Nani is excited to share the magic of IQM Level 1 with groups of 2 to 12 people. Each IQM Level 1 Seminar is two days long, eight hours per day. She will teach you all of the fundamentals to enable you to heal yourself and others. There is no prerequisite to learn Integrative Quantum Medicine™. You may travel to a previously scheduled event* or sponsor an IQM Level 1 Seminar in your area.

The value of your participation in an exciting interactive IQM Level 1 Seminar is $500. Repeat the seminar for half-price.

Your investment in your health and well-being includes the Seminar, an IQM Manual and a laminated Flow Chart.  The cost of meals is not included, however snacks and beverages are available.  A Certificate of Attendance will be mailed to you upon completion.

*tentative Seminar locations include:  Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, Mexico, and more

IQM Speaking Engagements

Nani is available to speak with groups, corporations and gatherings around the world.  She will discuss the value and dynamics of energetic healing as well as illustrate how Integrative Quantum Medicine™ uniquely integrates with other healing modalities to allow for exponentially positive results. Nani can demonstrate how easily energy is shifted and address any questions your audience might have regarding this simple yet effective process.  Contact us to schedule a speaking engagement and negotiate terms.





An IQM Adventure is a dynamic eight-hour outing which includes a playful, interactive, customized session with Nani at the location of your choosing.

The value of a life-changing IQM Adventure is $1000.

Your  investment in your health and well-being includes eight hours with Nani, transportation to, during and from the experience, snacks and beverages (does not include the cost of meals).


*Rates are payable by cash, credit or Paypal at the time of service, unless otherwise arranged with Nani. 

*rEGISTER VIA THE "EVENts" or "Store" PAGes.