Déja G. 

San Antonio, TX

"I have had the pleasure of being treated by Nani Lawrence using IQM and it has helped significantly decrease stress and anxiety in myself and my children.  It has also helped me better cope with grief after losing a loved one. I recommend a session with Nani to anyone who needs help balancing their emotional responses to the difficulties in life."

Teri V.

Novato, CA

"Nani's integration of energetic healing, extensive knowledge in traditional medicine, and gifted intuition make her a powerful force for transforming any issues.  She emanates an angelic grace and knowing that provides instant comfort and trust even in the most vulnerable and compromised circumstances. Nani is my first line of defense when I am struggling with any condition:  physical, personal or otherwise.  I call Nani-11."


San Diego, CA



"This is really about the subtlety of persuasion:  being able to ever so slightly persuade the energy to move in a different direction. It's practically unnoticeable until you become aware of the improved outcome. It reminds me of the quote, 'When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.'  It's hard to believe in things you can't see happening, but I have felt and seen enough change to make me a believer."

Alix S.

Placerville, CA




"After noticing a lump in my upper abdomen, I went to the doctor in 2001 and was told I had a hernia. Over the years it slowly grew, though no doctor felt it needed surgery. It became a problem in 2015 after I lifted something heavy, causing severe pain.  I was scheduled for emergency hernia repair surgery. I notified Nani and she worked on me immediately. Postoperatively, the surgeon informed me that he had not been able to find a trace of the hernia and thus, had not operated on my abdominal wall after all.  I have had no lump since that day ."

Tyler C.

Portland, OR



"Nani is the all too rare combination of deeply gifted healer who has done as much work on herself as in her craft, both of which show immediate and truly special results. I feel instantly safe with her regardless of what work we step into.  I am confident others will feel the same and with a warm heart, highly encourage others to connect with Nani."

Tatyana V.

Newbury Park, CA

"I just took IQM Level 1 with Nani Lawrence. I feel I barely scraped the surface of deep and immense magic healing knowledge. Having quite a few modalities that I am already using, I am blown away with the POWER of this one. We can impact the Earth."

"In the midst of your drama and chaos, Nani is able to sense events that may be the root causes of issues. With her unique talents, gifts and awareness, she corrects what is no longer serving us and energetically re-aligns us in a positive direction. The results are amazing! She is a true gift!"

Patrice B.

Houston, TX